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The All-Seeing

The All-Seeing

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Beware of the All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Killing…The All-Seeing, a dark fantasy. Overnight, Prince Leighton’s subjects vanished. His kingdom was destroyed. He’s the only survivor. Who’s to blame? Rumours suggest the legendary All-Seeing, an unstoppable, destructive force. But they don’t really exist, do they? If so, time’s running out. Two kingdoms gone. Two kingdoms remain…

Verona’s Scorn

Verona’s Scorn

Horror dragon in fantasy world


Hell hath no fury…Verona’s Scorn, the action-packed tale of the ultimate betrayal. Queen Verona kidnapped Naruto’s sister, destroying his life. The time has come for revenge. But the bloodthirsty queen is ready. She wields the dark past his family locked away. Is Verona the cold, calculated villain he remembers, or a victim caught in a web of deception? The truth will be revealed.

NOTE: This story is not anime or linked to the anime character Naruto.

You’re Next

You’re Next

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Short Description

A 5 short story collection on death and deception. Hostile clocks, sleep paralysis, a convict on her wedding night, and more. Here are 5 short stories you will never forget.

Long Description

Horror. Hair. Haggis. Death and Deception, a 5 Short Story Collection.

The Best Day of My Life: Will be his worst. Or his last.

The Hair That Wasn’t There: A young policeman misses crucial evidence at the crime scene. He must retrieve it before Inspector Black realises. Their lives depend on it.

You’re Next: Before Sam marries Bobby, she’ll share her darkest secret. A tale of betrayal, abuse, and survival awaits. Can he handle the truth? Can she?

One Night with Carol: Maybe Andrew shouldn’t have married a convicted killer. Now she’s free, he’ll spend a night with her he’ll never forget.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep: Naameka has finally overcome her insomnia, but now she can’t stop sleeping. A monster haunts her dreams, paralysing her when she awakes. She must cure herself before she’s sucked into the nightmare world forever.